Burleska i satira u djelima Boğdana Žoldaka

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Semkiv, Rostyslav
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Cilj nam je uovome istraživanju analizirati spektar Žoldakove komike, kao i uklopiti autora u širi kontekst humoristične proze na prijelazu iz 20. u 21. stoljeće.
The article analyses modes of humor in the prose of Bohdan Zholdak, who is quite recognizable author in Ukrainian literature in the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century. The broader literary context comprehended in the article demonstrates a wide application of different comic forms in the said period. B. Zholdak is seen as the successor of Ukrainian humoristic tradition that has been developing since the latest three centuries. The article proposes the hypothesis that burlesque and humor dominate in colonial / postcolonial literature, while metropolis develops a satirical tradition. In his prose B. Zholdak moves form humor and sporadic burlesque of his early stories towards satire in his late cinematic short novel "Ukry". This transformation testifies to the overcoming of the colonial complex by the author.
Bogdan Žoldak, Ukrajinska suvremena proza, humor, burleska, satira, članak, Bohdan Zholdak, Ukrainian contemporary prose, humor, burlesque, satire
Semkiv R. Burleska i satira u djelima Boğdana Žoldaka / Rostyslav Semkiv // Knjizevna smotra. - 2021. - Vol. 53, no. 202 (4). - P. 137-143.