Expectations and Outcomes of Interregional IT Training for Teachers

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Glybovets, Mykola
Boublik, Volodymyr
Haenssgen, Klaus
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Polish Information Processing Society
The experience gained in performing the sequence of Joint European Projects sponsored by EU TEMPUS Program in the field of IT further education of teachers in Ukraine, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan is summarised. The international consortia headed by Leipzig University of Applied Sciences in-volves, besides partner country institutions, Universities from Germany, Swe-den, Italy, Poland and Slovak Republic. The consortia have been working as a well organized team successfully establishing a collaborative network for IT training. The Polish project Interkl@sa served as a sample for the project Inter- Collegia which was the first one in this package of school-oriented projects. Thereafter the network of schools patronised by the University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy has been extended to comprise special schools for visually impaired students. Consequently the network went over borders involving further rather distant countries.
Boublik, Volodymyr. Expectations and Outcomes of Interregional IT Training for Teachers / Volodymyr Boublik, Mykola Glybovets, Klaus Hänßgen // Informatics Education : Contributing Across the Curriculum : The3rd International Conference – ISSEP 2008 Informatics in Secondaty Schools – Evolution and Perspective, Torun, Poland, July 1-4, 2008 : selected papers / Faculty of mathematics and computer science Nicolaus Copernicus university, Torun, Poland, Polish Information Processing Society ; Ed. : Roland T. Mittermeir, Maciej M. Syslo. - Torun, 2008. - P. 109-116.