New Perspectives on Orthodox Clerical Education in Right Bank Ukraine, 1825-1855

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Skinner, Barbara
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The development of Orthodox seminaries and religious schools in Right Bank Ukraine after the partitions of Poland occurred in tandem with the demise of the Uniate Church in this region. The eradication of the Uniates and the rise of a dominant Orthodox Church in the Russian Empire’s western provinces was a long and fraught process, but a critical aspect of that process involved the recreation and nurturing of Orthodox religious education in a region where Orthodox religious schooling had withered away in lieu of Uniate schools by the mid-eighteenth century within the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. After the Polish partitions, when more than one million Right Bank Ukrainians came under Russian Orthodox jurisdiction in a massive conversion campaign from 1794-1796, the newly installed Orthodox hierarchy here basically had to begin from scratch to rebuild an Orthodox educational network. Most of the effort centered on formal religious education in seminaries - in Right Bank Ukraine, one for each of the newly reinstated Orthodox dioceses of Volhynia and Podilia.
history, Orthodox Clerical Education, Orthodox Church, Right Bank Ukraine, religious education, article
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